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Workshops and European Conference - 2019 and 2020

 The following workshops are planned to be performed: 

Spring 2019

- EOP&SAMG: -Host Leibstadt - May 22 – 24

Fall 2019
 -JBOG - 7-9 October -Host :Leibstadt 
- European Conference:  10 -11 October in Zurich 
- Safety Principles Workshops --- Host TVO

 Year 2020 (Preliminary)  

- Fuel – Host KKL
- Robust Power + load follow operation  – Host FKA 
- External events - Host OKG 
- Structural Integrity - Host to be decided 
- Digital I&C – Host TVO 
- Chemistry – Host TVO
- European conference - Host KKL
- JBOG -  Host JBOG
Information about each of these workshops can be received by contacting BWR Club Technical Secretary using following email address: contact@bwrclub.org 


Plant in red color are BWR Club members, Plant in grey color are Associate members.
CLICK on the plant name and you will come to the homepage for the plant 
BWR Club 
The BWR Club provides a forum that allows its member utilities to maintain and improve plant safety, achieve higher plant reliability, facilitate regulatory interaction, and effectively apply limited technical resources for mutual resolution of issues applicable to two or more members.

Nuclear safety is the main focus for the BWR Club.

The main program will include the following topics related to nuclear safety:

- design and operating experiences
- knowledge of plant modifications
- information on plant ageing management
- experiences of maintenance programs
- information on the development on safety regulations
- information on research programs
- information on new technologies

The support and funding of work to develop
- state of the art reports
- guidance documents in specific topics
- research projects


Several organisations support BWR Club as being associated members. The following is a list of Associate members with links to their homepage.
  • JENSEN HUGHES - USA --- www.jensenhughes.com   (ERIN is incorporated in Jensen Hughes)   
Japanese Utilties - Members of JBOG and associate members in BWR Club
Japanese Vendors - Members of JBOG and associate members in BWR Club